Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes is an anthology by Brisbane writers for Brisbane writers. All content is donated by Brisbane artists, all editing and publication preparation time is donated by professionals, and all proceeds (after costs*) go towards supporting Brisbane writing events.

The anthology will be released in ebook and print formats, available through all major ebook stores and Createspace (respectively).

We’re currently looking for submissions for the stories that make up the anthology, and art to be featured on the cover and in promotional materials. Writers and artists: this means you!

The Stories

In the world you’re writing in, a rift occurred and something came through (we suggest a dinosaur, because dinosaurs are awesome). Super-powered people roam the streets, fighting and breaking stuff, with or without masks (your choice). These two elements may or may not be connected. The rift does not have to appear in the story, but should be referenced at some point.

They are our everyday heroes, and those are the stories we’re telling.

Deadline: all submissions must be received by the close of business (Brisbane time) Sunday 12th July.

Story content:

  • 5,000-10,000 words
  • Complete stories only (no first parts or chapters)
  • M15 rating
  • No magic or paranormal – superhero/villain only
  • Original work only (no fanfiction)
  • No erotica
  • Violence can be graphic but not gratuitous
  • Profanity is fine but should not be gratuitous.

Note: all stories will be edited. It is normal for stories to go through several rounds of review and discussion. Please be prepared for this, and to address feedback in a reasonable time.

Cover Art

We’re looking for original cover art to feature on the front of the book in electronic and print formats. It should fit the theme of the anthology (see the Stories section above).

Note: we’re looking for cover art only, not finished covers. Mock-ups of a cover using your art are welcome, though!

Deadline: all submissions must be received by the close of business (Brisbane time) Friday 31st July.

Submission Instructions


Submissions are open to all writers and artists living in Brisbane, Australia.

Pieces must be original, all the writer/artist’s own work, and not previously published or used anywhere.

Submission format

Submit stories in the following format:

  • Australian English
  • .docx or .rtf file
  • Single spaced
  • Simple formatting
  • Name on cover sheet only.

Submit cover art images in the following format:

  • At least 1,600 pixels wide x 2,400 pixels high
  • Matching the ratio wide:high above
  • .jpg or .png files

Submit to

Email your submission as an attachment to subs at bstbooks dot com. The subject of the email must be either:

  • Everyday Heroes Story: <title>
  • Everyday Heroes Cover.

Emails with other subjects will be deleted without being read.

Copyright Agreement

By having a story accepted for the anthology, you grant BST Books:

  1. First electronic and print publication rights for the work. (Tip: this means that it cannot have been previously published elsewhere, including being posted online)
  2. Exclusive publication rights for all formats and regions, for 1 year from the anthology release date.
  3. Non-exclusive rights for electronic and print formats across all regions, following the end of the 1-year exclusivity period and until the anthology has been out of print for an unbroken period of 5 years. (Tip: this means that you can publish your work elsewhere after the anthology has been out for a year)
  4. Rights reversion can be requested after 5 years from the anthology release date.
  5. Right of revision, to the extent that minor changes can be made with notification to you but not requiring permission. All other revision is done in consultation with the writer. (Tip: this means that you will be consulted and an agreement reached for all major edits, and BST Books will inform you if minor changes such as to correct spelling or grammar have been made.)

By having cover art accepted for the anthology, you grant BST Books:

  1. Full, exclusive, and permanent copyright to the image.
  2. The ability to use, change, manipulate, and alter the image as required for book cover or promotional use.

* Costs include ISBN purchase, proof copies, etc.